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Digital Short Form Series
Writing Course

Learn how to write short, episodic content 

Digital short form series, also known as web series, is episodic content

for online platforms. Episodes range from between 1 and 20 minutes.

If you'd like to create your own web series & write the first (few) episode(s) through classes, workshops & individual consultation,

we've put together a course for you. 

​Learn the fundamental skills of  telling stories in episodic format by studying popular TV series.


Peek behind the curtain. Learn secrets behind binge-worthy storytelling that will


➡️ keep your audience engaged,

➡️ hitting subscribe

➡️ coming back for more.


Learn the craft of screenwriting and and immerse yourself in 

a world of your own making!

  • Do you love watching TV series?

  • Do you often get ideas for storylines of existing shows, or for one of your own?

  • Do you sometimes feel like the characters in your favourite TV show are like family members? 

There's a reason for that!

If you feel character

deep in your bones, you were clearly

born to be a writer!

In this online course, you will learn how professionals develop and craft stories for the screen.

You'll learn how to:

  • Generate ideas & concepts

  • Build story worlds

  • Create characters 

  • Devise and plan stories for various formats 

  • Write dialogue

  • Find the right tone & genre

  • Build narrative structure

  • Write at least one script 















Course value: 

📆 8️⃣ weeks of classes & workshops ⏰ 90 minutes / week

📖 Exclusive life-time access to all course materials online

☎️ 2️⃣ individual consultations on your project/script up to 2 months after course ends


TWO individual consultations, valued usually at €95 each,

are FREE when you enroll for the course. 

Course benefits:

🛠 Learn the valuable craft of attracting audience attention & keeping them engaged

📒 Create & write the first "pilot" episode of your own series

🖌 Improve your writing skills

💁‍♀️ Learn how to pitch your concept

💡 Brainstorm & generate ideas

🧩 Workshop ideas in your group 

📽 Work on projects between classes

🖥 Meet from anywhere, online 

Who's the teacher? Glad you asked!

My name is Kristina Jilly and I've been writing TV professionally for ten years.


I developed and wrote TV drama series for HBO Europe for over four years and worked on several shows for RTL Television such as ALTAR GIRLS, AMONG FRIENDS and LOVE ME NOW, where I held the position of story editor. I have participated in numerous writer's rooms over the years and have projects in development in the crime, thriller, period drama and comedy-drama genres with companies in Europe and the U.K.


I have a BA from Melbourne University, a MA from Royal Holloway, University of London and am represented as a screenwriter by Dench Arnold in the U.K.

Places are limited, so register your interest now to ensure you don't miss out!

Next course:

When:  April 1st - May 20th, Mondays 17:00 - 18:30

Where: Online

Price:    €240 (Early bird price!)

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