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Storytelling & Writing Courses 

Journalist Desk

TV / Web Series Writing Course

An 8 week course for individuals interested in developing episodic content.

Create your own TV or digital short form series & write the first (few) episode(s) through classes, workshops & individual consultation.
Learn the craft of screenwriting to:

🪝Hook attention in a saturated market

🚀 Increase followers & subscribers when applied to short form content

🤩 Build loyalty with your audience

Story Telling for Business Workshop

One day or two half-day workshops designed for businesses large or small.

We help you find and develop a unique voice and cultivate stories for your company, product or personal brand. 

Master the principles of story to:

📣 Find the right tone of voice that represents you and your brand.

🛠️ Uncover unique stories, from your origins to the everyday.

🪝Create content that generates emotional response & engagement.

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