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Waiting for Bridgerton? Go to Bodkin: A Small Town with Big Secrets.

The calamity of living in a content rich age of streaming and never-ending scrolling only to be told by the powers that be that you will have to wait until June 13th to see the culmination of Bridgerton's third season.

Ladiy Whistledown would be outraged.

So, while you wait for part two to drop (or maybe you're looking for an antidote to Bridgerton fever) you could do worse than to take a look at Bodkin, a dark comedy thriller that's very satisfyingly quirky and Irish in the way everyone keeps telling eachother to just f@ck off.

It's about a wide-eyed American true crime podcaster who comes to the seemingly idyllic small town of Bodkin to talk about a twenty-year-old mystery that, naturally, no one wants to talk about.

The show has all our favourite things: dark humour, moody characters, unlikable nuns, and plenty of small town secrets about to be spilled.

I say it's worth a watch.

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