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How to Bring your Story to Light in 2024: Little Steps. Lots of Patience.

Updated: Feb 7

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Are you ready to make your writing goals happen this year?

It starts with a word. Then another. Until you have a bunch of words that not only make narrative sense, but capture the attention of an audience.

Yes, pretty obvious.

But rather than always thinking that one day you'll have enough time to write, why not block out half an hour and start today?

It's all about taking little steps consistently. It's doesn't bring the immediate payoff we have all grown to expect in the social media age, but building a habit, as difficult as it is, doesn't have to mean dedicating hours a day to it.

Little steps. That's what I'm going to keep telling myself this year.

Writing: an endurance sport.

One of the projects that I've been working on for TEN YEARS is about to be optioned by the third production company. People obviously believe in this project, but it's a little OUT THERE. Edgy. Well, it was considered edgy up until a couple years ago. Now, it's entering the mainstream. Maybe that means it will have more of a chance to see the light of day?

Who knows. Nobody knows anything, as people in this industry like to say.

The reason I bring it up is that this project has evolved so much over time, for the better. Nothing like time to give you clarity on concept, structure and writing. And to get anything off the ground takes so. much. time.

But to have a finished product in your hand, regardless of whether it is published or broadcast, whatever, feels quite satisfying in and of itself.

So, set the stage for your story this year.

It will come out of the shadows of your heart and soul (our emotional wounds provide the best material...) and bask in the light of the sunshine–this is my message to all the story lovers and creators out there trying to make their voices heard amongst the din.

Your story has its place! Dig deep for the words and set them free into the universe.

Let's try not worry about ensuing likes, follower counts or lack thereof.

Let's do it just because it makes us happy.

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