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Behind the Scenes

Screenwriting & Film/TV Series Development


I develop and write screenplays & story for film, TV and digital platforms using existing IP or generate concepts from scratch by:

I can take an idea and transform it into a viable narrative. Characters, story and series arcs are further developed into scripted and/or digital content. I can work alone with your input, feedback and guidance, or with a small team of creatives in a writers' room.





My aim is to develop compelling, idiosyncratic stories rich in local flavour that have global appeal.

I am a big believer in writers' rooms because story, especially material intended for serialization, often benefits from a range of experiences and perspectives.


Writers' rooms are also an effective way to flesh out and structure an idea relatively quickly.








With connections to many experienced writers in Europe, I can set up rooms ranging from a few days to several weeks to:

  • generate ideas,

  • develop concepts,

  • develop tone and voice,

  • create & develop characters,

  • create story​ & story worlds,

  • write a pilot script and further episodes,

  • write outlines, treatments & bibles,

  • write further pitch materials. 

Enquire regarding my TV SERIES or WEB SERIES DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE which includes:

  • A mini-writer's room ranging from a few days to several weeks, 

  • A pilot episode (3 drafts),

  • A series bible including series, character and episode summaries.

Three to four writers thoroughly interrogate a concept, developing characters and a story engine able to sustain a limited or returning  series.

Once a format has been agreed upon with the client, we proceed to the outline stage and from there to writing the pilot script. 

Whether you have an idea of your own, existing IP, or are looking to develop something from scratch in a particular genre, contact me to discuss how we can make it into a story for the screen. 

Writer's Rooms

Writer's Rooms
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