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1:1 English Courses

  • Are you at an A2 - C1 level?

  • Do you want to improve your English speaking, listening & writing skills in a relaxed environment?

  • Do you want to communicate confidently on a range of interesting subjects?

  • Do you want to understand slang & jargon? 

  • Do you want to tell your stories with confidence & ease?

Then sign up for this unique English course!

📆 Ongoing individual lessons held once a week. 

⏰ 60 minutes/week 

💁‍♀️ Improve spoken English with conversation-focussed classes 

💡 Learn & practice vocabulary & expressions

🖌 Improve writing skills

📚 Improve grammar & vocabulary 

🧩 Interactive learning

🛠 Constructive feedback on the areas YOU need to focus on

🎯 One-to-one, personalised lessons

🖥 Online 

  • Learn to be comfortable with authentic source material from the BBC, Netflix, The Economist, Euronews and more.

  • Build your speaking confidence by using more sophisticated vocabulary & expressions. 

  • Secure that promotion or job opportunity with your professional-level English language skills.

Sounds great. But who's the teacher?


Glad you asked! I'm a writer as well as an experienced and qualified English teaching currently teaching English at the University of Applied Sciences in Austria. I can help you:


✅ Smash through inhibitions

✅ Grow in confidence

✅ Hit individual goals

What materials will we use during the lesson?

I use a lot of interactive learning materials, quizzes, games, course books as well as articles, podcasts and videos from a variety of sources (e.g., BBC, Euronews, The Economist, books, films, TV series etc).


The aim is to make the lessons and language learning fun and interesting, but also ensure that the material is as relevant to your needs as possible! 

Can you chat to me before paying?

Of course! Hit the book free level test below and we can chat about your language needs and aims. I'll also send you a short language level test to fill out. 

So, if you're ready to do that, book a free language level test and let's see how we can work together!

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