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Create, write & present your story to the world.

🎯 Storytelling Workshops for Business

One day or two x half-day workshops designed for businesses large or small.

We help you find and develop a unique voice and cultivate stories for your company, product or personal brand. 


  • Master story principles to increase engagement.

  • Find the right tone of voice that authentically represents you and your brand.

  • Uncover unique stories, from your origins to the everyday.

  • Create content that generates emotional response & engagement.

  • Create stories to engender empathy for and in your audience/customers

  • Develop your own personal stories for presentations & meetings.

Register your interest here and find out more.

🎥 TV/Web Writing Courses


Through courses, workshops or simulated writer's rooms, learn how professionals develop and craft stories for the screen.

Online or on-site classes will teach you how to:

  • Generate ideas & concepts

  • Build story worlds

  • Create characters 

  • Devise and plan stories for various formats 

  • Write dialogue

  • Find the right tone & genre

  • Build narrative structure

  • Write a complete screenplay  

  • Work in a team via a simulated writer's room 

Current Tv & web series writing courses​​

Register your interest in upcoming courses & workshops here.

📺 English through Story (Online)

For English learners 

Do you want to improve your English speaking, listening and writing skills in a fun and friendly environment?

Are you interested in how stories, specifically films and TV shows, are created and structured?

Do you want to learn how to create characters, scenes and write dialogue in English?

Then sign up for this unique online hybrid creative skills + English language course!

📆 6 weeks

⏰ 90 minutes/week 

💁‍♀️ Improve spoken English with conversation-focussed classes 

💡 Learn & practice brainstorming & pitching 

🖌 Improve writing skills

📚 Improve grammar & vocabulary 

🎭 Learn how great stories are constructed

🧩 Interactive learning

🛠 Feedback on work submitted

🔅 Individual tutorial for each participant 

🎯 Small groups under 10

🖥 Online 

➡️ Build your own story world from scratch. 

➡️ Develop engaging characters, intriguing concepts and storylines.

➡️ Practice English through authentic interaction.

➡️ Improve both verbal and written skills through creativity.

Register your interest in upcoming courses & workshops here.

Info on current courses 2023


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